How to know if the new implementation is effectively being utilized?

When you bring in some change in the process or else introduce some new process you should also verify if the same change is being effectively accepted by the employees working in your department or company. When you think the business numbers should be visible across the organization and thus enable the staff to get the updates on their devices with the simple to work CloudBrowser automation APIs then you should be able to track how frequently the staff is using them. It is good enough that you find a way to know how many times the APIs are being called on the devices of the staff, who have enrolled or subscribed for the screen rendering feature that you have enabled.

While the terminology is the same, the way you track would become more important. The API usage logs that are enabled by you would let you understand how the staff is making use of the screen rendering feature, is there any performance issues that are encountered by the staff, if so during what time the performance issues are encountered by the staff. All this information would be available in the logs. The careful observation or analysis of the logs would give you the major road blocks that are hindering the staff to make use of the business data. Once you know the issues it becomes easy for you to fix them and hence would be able to help the staff improve their performance.

The staff performance would directly have a relationship with the way the business would progress. The overall growth would always be possible when you concentrate on the growth of each employee that would in turn have the automatic reflection in the numbers that the business do both in terms of sales and revenue. So, when you know the potential benefits that you could get, you would be able to easily adopt the APIs.