How to Impress your friends with easy card tricks?

Some people think that only professional can perform the cards tricks. Well, there is nothing like this because we can also perform such card tricks with ease. In fact, you can also impress your friends with easy card tricks.These easy tricks can be learned, and it is also easy to be the professional magician within a short span. Further, you can check out some easy and simple card tricks.


The ironing box

If you are searching for the trick with showmanship, then it is advised to choose such an option because it will be the ideal choice. For this, you are required to take the book and look for those pages, which resemble some cards such as heart, queen, and 3 numbers.

After that, you can use the juice in order to highlight these pages and invite the friends. Now you have to iron the page, and the words will start appearing in the brown. Thus, you can impress the friends with such easy ironing trick.

Card force

Well, this is considered one of the simplest tricks, which can be performed with the cards. First, pick the card and place that at the bottom of the deck. After this, you are required to shuffle with the cards and make sure that card is still at the bottom.

Now, keep shuffling the cards until the friend says to stop and when they say to stop then pull the bottom card on the top of the half deck. So, if they will ask the number of the cards, then you can easily give the answer because you already know that card. Thus, the trick will also prove helpful when you are wondering to impress the friends with the trick by using the cards.